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10 Things NOT TO DO  – Spray Tanning Aftercare

Follow these ten easy steps and you are sure to ruin your spray tan. All jokes aside, we hope to help you avoid these common mistakes after spray tanning.

1. Step out into the rain

Rainy days are the worst, but we all have schedules to follow. To avoid getting spots on your skin from raindrops and/or having streaked skin, wear rain boots and a hooded raincoat, and bring an umbrella. Take your rain boots off as soon as you get home and your tan should be totally fine. If you do get a drop on you, pat it dry. Don’t rub. It will most likely be fine when you rinse at the end of your set time. Don’t mess with it too much.

2. Dishes

Dishes can wait until your tanner has fully developed! What a great excuse not to do chores! Use an antibacterial gel on your palms instead of your washing hands. If you do wash your hands accidently, pat them dry immediately, don’t rub.

3. Let your dog lick you

Wear long sleeves and long pants after your session (or a maxi dress). Pat the area dry if your dog licks any uncovered skin.

4. Get a manicure after your airbrush session

Try to book any manicures, pedicures, massages, or waxing for before your appointment. Soaking your skin in water, scrubbing, and rubbing will strip your tan.

5. Watch The Notebook

While you wait for your tanner to set, avoid triggering any tears at all costs.

6. Wear your watch right after

If you put on your watch, necklace, or bracelets after your tanning session, you’re going to have a distinct line from your jewelry rubbing. The same goes for pants and shirts with tight waists and seams.

7. Take a shower with a loofah

Generally, every bar of soap out there will strip your spray tan. Use a non-exfoliating body wash made especially for fake tanners and use warm water. Avoid using washcloths or loofahs. You are trying to preserve that top layer of tanned skin, not remove it.

8. Hold off on the moisturizer

Slather on your moisturizer from head to toe, at least once a day and more if possible.

9. Touch your skin with your palms

Yes, you are going to look great after you get your tan and you’ll want to stare at yourself, but be aware that if you rub your skin with your palms, there will be transfer and you will probably have dark palms. Also, avoid skin-to-skin contact until after you shower.

10. Use the hot tub

If you’re going on a vacation, avoid hot tubs as they will remove your tan. Avoid the ocean and pools as the salt and chlorine can streak your tan. If you’re going to be in the sun, make sure you wear SPF as spray tanners don’t contain protection. Also, keep in mind some bug sprays can cause your tan to fade quicker.