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Being outdoors brings you happiness

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It is summer and we live in Colorado, which means that we have so many amazing choices to visit great outdoor locations and spend some time immersed in nature while camping, hiking, mountain biking, etc. Being outdoors is good for you and it makes you happy, really! As it turns out, there are actual science-based reasons why being outside makes you happy and healthy. Here are three of those important reasons:

Vitamin D

At Veranda Sun we can never get tired of talking about Vitamin D. It is highly important for your health and happiness and in fact, the more research is made on vitamin D, the more benefits they find. Vitamin D deficiency contributes to osteoporosis, increases your chances of suffering a cardiovascular disease, the risk of cancer, and makes asthma more severe. A correlation between low levels of vitamin D and depression has been found, though researchers still are not sure if a vitamin D deficiency contributes to depression, or if depressed people suppress vitamin D levels; however, it is certain is that people who suffer from depression have low levels of the sun vitamin.

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But vitamin D deficiency doesn’t only impact our health and happiness. If you have good levels of vitamin D you could turn around serious health problems, such as high blood pressure. And what is the best natural source of vitamin D? The sun! All these benefits of vitamin D can be gained just by getting outside even for a few minutes.

Afraid of the risks of sunlight exposure? There’s no need to be so anymore, with controlled UV exposure -such as the one we have in our tanning salon- you can help your body produce the needed vitamin D and avoid any risks. In fact, a study by Australian epidemiologist Robyn Lucas shows that given all the drawbacks of vitamin D deficiency, far more people die from lack of exposure to the sun than from too much sun.


You get to relax and release stress

Research has shown that lack of sunlight reduces the amount of serotonin in our brains. Serotonin is critical to fight depression, because it is a natural antidepressant built into our bodies. When we increase the amount of sunlight we’re getting, we naturally increase our serotonin levels.

Outdoor happiness

You get to do some exercise

Exercise is incredibly important for our health and happiness. Outdoor exercise, unlike working out in a gym, has the added benefits of sunlight exposure and all the associated benefits listed above. Plus, research shows that we get better workouts when we are outside. So, why hike on a treadmill when you could hike on an actual mountain?

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