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The truism of the sun being a healing entity is certainly true when it comes to maintaining our level of vitamins. It’s well-established that vitamin D levels, typically maintained through exposure to sunlight, are necessary for a healthy body. But not everyone can tolerate consistent tanning in an outdoor setting. 

At Veranda Sun, many of our clients prefer to use indoor UV tanning devices instead. These not only help you to improve vitamin D intake but also allow you to maintain your skin’s youthful glow year-round.

Sun beds in Colorado

A client uses a UV tanning bed to improve vitamin D intake while getting a beautiful tan

Benefits of Vitamin D Exposure

The vitamin D from sunlight has been known to provide key health benefits for quite some time. These include:

  • The strengthening of bones through increased calcium regulation
  • Supporting the functioning of our respiratory and cardiovascular systems
  • Protection against influenza and other sicknesses
  • Reduced complications during pregnancy

With innovative new devices for UV tanning, you no longer need to get your tanning done outside — intake of vitamin D can also be improved through UV tanning devices.

Indoor UV Tanning to Improve Vitamin D Intake

Whether it’s due to health issues, privacy concerns, or cold weather, it’s not always possible for you to go outside to get vitamin D. Luckily, data from the Grassroots Health Cohort shows that using a sunless tanning bed can help people achieve the recommended level of vitamin D! However,  it’s still important to check with your tanning technician to ensure that the tanning bed is emitting light in the UVB range equivalent to outdoor sun. 

If you want to learn more about how our UV tanning beds can help you improve vitamin D intake, reach out to Veranda Sun today to speak with our experienced technicians. Check out our monthly specials for deals on sunless tanning products and services.