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Can You Get Enough Vitamin D from Indoor Tanning?

Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin, and you can imagine why. Sunlight is the number one source of vitamin D or at least the most well-known one. However, that’s not the only source there is. Indoor tanning lamps, which produce UVB light, can also help raise your vitamin D levels.

In a recent study about vitamin D and indoor tanning, the sample included three groups of people: those who use it regularly, those who use it less frequently, and those who don’t use it at all. The levels of vitamin D in the frequent users were 41 ng/ml, the infrequent users had 34 ng/ml, and the non-users had a vitamin D level of 28 ng/ml. ???? If we take a closer look at the frequent users, we will find that 55% of them presented vitamin D levels of 40 ng/ml or above.

Young woman with natural makeupFrequency and Duration are Key

Based on this evidence, we could say that indoor tanning can help you achieve the right levels of Vitamin D. But at the end of the day, frequency, as well as duration, is significant to achieve the desired results. You want to get maximum absorption of Vitamin D without getting burnt.

It is a beautiful looking tan that everyone is after. And if you can get health benefits from it while making your skin look gold and beautiful, why wouldn’t you? ☀ To determine how frequent your indoor tanning sessions should be and how much time they should last, you need to be aware of what your skin type needs. Then you can select your preferred sunbed or tanning booth. Depending on your selection, the number of sessions and the amount of time each session will last will be determined.