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If you want a tan, you have two main options – use a tanning bed or rely on the sun. Tanning beds aren’t only more convenient, sun beds can give you more control over the amount of UV exposure than tanning in the sun.

While there are definite tanning bed risks, using the sun to tan your skin has even more risks. The good thing about sun beds is you are in control. You can set the level for the tanning bed and you can control how long you stay in the tanning bed. When relying on the sun to get the right tan for your skin, you have many external factors out of your control.

Additionally there are other safety precautions such as tanning bed lotions and tanning goggles in that contribute to the controlled environment of a tanning bed.

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Here are some important reminders for you to get the most out of your tanning sessions every time.

  • Understand how indoor sun beds work
  • Determine your skin type
  • Set a tanning schedule recommended for your skin type
  • Prepare your skin for indoor tanning.
  • Determine what to wear during tanning
  • Protect your eyes from UV rays.
  • Avoid cosmetics and perfumes while tanning
  • Make small adjustments in your body position while you tan
  • Moisturize after an indoor tanning session
  • Avoid showering immediately after a tanning session

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Best tanning products for you skin

With all types of tanning, special considerations need to be a part of the equation to ensure you do not burn. Just as there are tanning products for outdoor tanning, you can also purchase tanning lotion, oils, and creams that are made specifically for indoor tanning. While these products promote a better, healthier tan, they also add some protection against harmful rays. So, if you decide to use indoor tanning as a means of getting a tan, you might check out some of the current products, choosing one that best matches your skin type.




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