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There are dozens of options when it comes to tanning. You can use self-tanning lotions, try out spray systems, use a tanning bed, or lounge in the sun. All of these options have their pros and cons that clients should consider carefully. People are often concerned about the difference between indoor and outdoor. Which one is safer? Which one provides the best result? 

Most tanning salons will have an FAQ page with information about their tanning services and its effects. Clients should always consult these pages before booking services to ensure there’s no misunderstanding. You can also ask an expert for advice directly, especially if you have specific concerns like sensitive skin, allergies, or important events. 

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Tanning

Sunless Tanning in Boulder

A golden tan can be achieve with our professional help.

The most significant advantage of outdoor tanning is affordability. It is cheap to slather on some UV-protection and sit out in the sun. If you have nothing to do over the weekend and want to work on getting a natural tan, this is a good option.

Unfortunately, there are several valid reasons why people choose indoor tanning instead. Extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays can be harmful. Being outdoors also doesn’t provide a consistent result. It is common for people to see dark and light patches that creates an uneven tan, because we can’t control the sun. Unless you tan at the same time every day and get the same amount of light, the results will be inconsistent. 

Pros and Cons of Indoor Tanning

Indoor tanning is a better alternative because it provides more consistent exposure to light. It also takes less time so you develop a beautiful golden glow without spending too much time under the bed. Indoor solutions also reduce your exposure to UVA and UVB lights, which is better for your skin.

Indoor tanning isn’t without its problems. Unless you apply good lotion and take time to moisturize, the process can cause dryness and irritation. You still need something that offers proper UVA protection, because tanning beds do emit these rays. With appropriate precautions, it is possible to get a good, even tan from these devices. It is advisable to visit a reliable and experienced salon for this purpose.

Contact the salon if you want to know more about the differences or are worried about the process. An expert will recommend solutions that will provide the best result and give you an even, natural-looking tan.