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Still Looking for a Spring Break Paradise under the Sun?

Photo by: Montserrat Antillon

Photo by: Montserrat Antillon

I know it’s cold and snowing in Colorado today, but I’m in a place where the sun is shinning!!! It’s really hot outside, and as I sit under one of the many palm trees in the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, the breeze is fabulous! The only reason why I rub this in is because Spring Break is such a great time to flee the remaining cold days and head out for a sunny spot. And this sunny spot here is definitely my favorite, I love Costa Rica.

So if you haven’t gone on Spring Break yet and are the kind to make last minute plans, here is a great suggestion. Everyone should visit Costa Rica at least once. Chances are, you’ll keep coming for more.


Why would I recommend Costa Rica?

Photo by: Montserrat Antillon

Photo by: Montserrat Antillon

If you’re looking for sun just a few hours away from Colorado, this is the best time to head South to Central America.

  • The ocean is warm, especially in the Central Pacific and most of the Atlantic coast
  • Most places take all mayor credit cards so you don’t need to carry cash everywhere
  • There’s running water and electricity even in the most remote areas. With few exceptions of course.
  • many of the “Ticos”, name for Costa Ricans, will know at least a little English and will be willing to help you out
  • Beaches are beautiful, people are friendly and the sun is shinning stronger than ever


So call up a few friends and head to a paradise under the sun. Bring enough sun block and get ready for some surfing, tanning or stand up paddle boarding. You won’t regret coming! Here is the page of the National Tourism Board.


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All images of Costa Rica are property of Montserrat Antillon, Costa Rican photographer, and used with permission for this blog only.  



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