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Skin is our biggest organ, and it is exposed to harsh conditions every day. While it is resilient, it also sustains a lot of damage due to sunlight, pollution, dust, germs, cosmetics, and other such factors. Many people experience problems like breakouts, scarring, redness, dryness, excess sebum production, etc., because of these attacks on the barrier.

A proper skincare routine can help counteract the harmful effects of these external factors. The most basic routine includes cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing. Most people are wary of exfoliation and don’t know if it is the right choice for their skin. Here’s a look at why it is crucial: 

Taking care of your skin

Dead Cells on Skin 

The skin has a natural regeneration cycle. The topmost layer of your skin is made up of the oldest skin cells. These cells are just about to die and fall off, revealing newer and more youthful cells underneath. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells that linger on the surface, making you look aged and dull. A gentle exfoliant will remove dead cells without damaging your skin barrier, which is why it is essential to choose the right product for this process.  

Clean Skin 

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Exfoliation does more than just remove dead skin cells. Most function as secondary cleaners, removing stubborn dirt, grime, lingering make-up, pollution, and even accumulated sebum. Exfoliation gently removes everything that doesn’t belong on your skin barrier, giving you a fresh and clean surface to use other skincare solutions like toners, moisturizers, oils, etc.

Better Absorption 

Once all debris and dead skin cells are removed from your skin surface, it is better able to absorb the beneficial ingredients in the steps following it. The skin’s pores are open at this stage of the routine, which allows active compounds to sink in easily. For example, a vitamin E cream won’t benefit you much if there’s a layer of dead skin cells blocking it. There’s no benefit to using expensive moisturizing creams or treatments if the skin isn’t clean. 

Healing Factor 

Exfoliation is gentle on the skin, but it still agitates it enough to trigger a healing response. People always have smoother, healthier, and more youthful skin because gentle exfoliation encourages the body to supply more blood to skin cells. It is crucial to choose a gentle product for this stage because harsh physical exfoliants cause micro-tears on the skin.

These tears attract bacteria, which can give rise to acne. Mild chemical products like AHA, BHA, PHA, or other gentle acids are more suitable for exfoliation. They trigger a healing response without damaging your skin.

Better Makeup Application

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Makeup sits well on clean, even, and exfoliated skin. Your foundation will have a more seamless finish if there are no dead skin cells or dry patches lingering on the skin. Makeup also lasts longer on clean skin. Regular exfoliation can also help reduce scarring or pigmentation, which means you may be able to skip foundation without feeling self-conscious.

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