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Great options in Boulder to avoid SAD, low vitamin D & reduce pain

Tanning bed benefits

Winter is in full flight right now, the new year is just starting and we are somehow still recovering from the Holiday celebrations, which meant lots of family meetings, great food, hectic shopping and especially, good happy spirits everywhere!

However, for some people the winter season can be a hard one to cope with, which could lead to decreased levels of Vitamin D in the blood and even SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). That’s why here at Veranda Sun Tanning Salon in Boulder we want to remind you of the great services we have to help you keep a good tan and the spirits up!

7 levels of Tanning Beds

No other salon in the area has as many beds as we do! A controlled UV tanning session can help your body make its own Vitamin D. The UV light produced by a tanning bed is just like the one from summer sunlight: about 95% UVA, and 5% UVB.

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that has both cosmetic and healing effects. Because of its ability to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, the cells that produce collagen and elastin are stimulated. It also repairs or regenerates cell components, activates the production of endorphins and blocks pain-transmitting chemicals.

Basically, what it does is to activate our body’s natural healing process, resulting in cosmetic and pain relieving effects. Since it promotes collagen and elastin production and
the healing of skin, it works wonderfully for aesthetic and skin rejuvenation treatments, such as:

red light therapy

  • Wrinkles & fine lines reduction
  • Skin firming and tightening
  • Pore size refining, reducing acne & acne scars
  • Minimize cellulite, scars, and stretch marks
  • Remove blemishes and redness
  • Fade age spots and hyper-pigmentation
  • Seasonal Depression Disorder
  • Increase skin circulation for faster healing
  • Herniated and bulging discs
  • Muscle related back pain
  • Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Inflammation & Nerve injuries
  • Neck pain and stiffness

Teeth Whitening

beautiful smile

Did you know that 62% of people overall feel more confident after having their teeth whitened? And 64% of people appear to be more financially successful. In social situations, 68% appear to be more professional.

A whiter, brighter smile is now just minutes away! We can brighten your smile without the time and mess of traditional home teeth whitening products and without the expense of the dentist office. A whiter and brighter smile will help you feel more confident, and positive too!

Veranda Sun Tanning Salon: bringing sunshine and happiness throughout the year since 1983

Come visit us and discover why we are the best tanning salon in Boulder: our lamps are always new, our staff is always friendly, professional and well trained, and they know how to help you control the right amount of UV exposure your skin needs.

And we also have the best deals in tanning every month to help you achieve the perfect tan all year round! Try our Body Wrap and loose inches and detoxify in just 45 Minutes! Follow our Vitamin D Blog and like us on Facebook or Google+ to keep up to date with our specials and Vitamin D News.

holiday season

Santa’s work is done, now he needs some Vitamin D to recover from so much winter travel