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Avoid the “Winter Blues” or SAD disorder with controlled UV exposure during the coldest season

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Winter is coming! Maybe you are familiar with that famous phrase of the Stark family in the Game of Thrones world, fortunately for us the expression doesn’t have to be an omen of uncertainty and ill fate any more, since now we can easily control our Vitamin D levels.

Winter is indeed the coldest season and here in Colorado we can have very harsh conditions while it lasts. It is common for a lot of people to feel “down”, with the “blues” or depressed due to the shorter days and lack of sunlight exposure.

A more severe condition can also be developed called “SAD” or Seasonal Affective Disorder, which refers to episodes of depression that occur annually during fall or winter. The disorder is known to begin in adolescence or early adulthood and usually occurs more often in women compared to men. Its symptoms include: afternoon slumps with decreased energy and concentration, increased appetite with weight gain, increased sleep and excessive daytime fatigue, lack of energy and loss of interest in work and other activities, slow, sluggish, lethargic movement, social withdrawal, and unhappiness and irritability. Differences between regular depression and SAD include weight loss as opposed to weight gain and problems sleeping instead of increased sleep.

How is Vitamin D related to depression and SAD?

Recent research does seem to show a link between low levels of vitamin D in the blood and symptoms of depression, however, it hasn’t yet shown clearly whether low vitamin D levels cause depression, or whether low vitamin D levels develop because someone is depressed.

Also, receptors for vitamin D have been found in many parts of the brain that are linked to the development of depression, which means that vitamin D is acting in some way there. For this reason vitamin D has been linked with depression and with other mental health problems.

Exactly how vitamin D works in your brain isn’t fully understood yet, but the low Vitamin D levels correlation exists and it has been proven in many different studies.

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