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Getting a spray tan is easy and convenient for a lot of reasons, but before you get all bronzed up, here are a few things you should know about sunless tanning.

What You Didn’t Know About Spray Tanning

There are certain things you should do before and after your tanning session. Here, we’re pointing out some of the most important ones, along with other interesting things you should know if you’re planning on getting all bronzed up using spray tanning.

Prep Your Skin for Spray Tanning

Get your skin ready for a spray tan

Don’t Show Up Unprepared

For a long-lasting tan, you definitely need to do some prep work. Take a nice shower before your session. This way, your skin will be clean for you, and it will help to get a deeper tan and color. Also, give your skin a good scrub to get rid of dead skin. Exfoliating will allow UVB rays to penetrate deeper and reach the melanin in your skin.

Ideally, Shower the Day Before, Not the Day Of

“Why can’t I shower on the same day of my session?” one might ask. The only issue with showering on the same day is that warm water will cause your pores to stretch, and the tanning solution will end up sitting on your pores and creating dark spots. Not exactly what you want, right? You can shower if you must. Just try to use cold water or do it at least four hours before your tanning session.

Bring a Clean Face

No makeup allowed. Although makeup is great and all, for this particular occasion, you might want to skip it. Your foundation will just end up being a barrier between your skin and the tanning lotion, preventing you from getting an even tan on your face in comparison to your body. If you definitely cannot skip makeup, clean your face before the session with a makeup removing wipe.

Spray Tanning Results

Woman spray tanning before and after results

Don’t Panic If You Get Darker

It’s OK! You might continue to get a little darker in the following eight hours after your spray or airbrush tanning session, but that is just because the tanning solution continues to develop for that period of time. After that, it will become lighter.

Stay Away from Chlorine Water

This means pools! The easiest way to get rid of your tan is to go for a swim in a pool. Chlorine will strip away your tan after a couple of sessions, so avoid the pool if you want to keep your tan. If you do strip away your tan, don’t panic, and come see us at Veranda Sun. We’ll get you back to being a bronze beauty in no time.