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What if you could get a beautiful white smile and keep it that way for a long time? Want to know how?

Steer Clear of These Foods to Keep Your Beaming Smile for Longer

After a teeth whitening process, everyone feels like a brand new person. Your smile will never look better, but it can quickly go back to its old look without proper care. The food you eat will impact how long you’ll be able to keep that bright smile for. Here are some tips you can follow if you want your new smile to last longer.

Keep that smile white as ever with these tips48 Hours to Whiter Teeth

The first 48 hours after getting your teeth whitened are crucial. There are some foods you’ll want to say goodbye to for a couple of days. Although, it’s not a bad idea to be cautious about them even after 48 hours if you want to extend the benefits of teeth whitening for even longer.

Dark Colored Foods and Beverages

Attention coffee lovers! We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but during this time, you’ll have to give up your favorite caffeinated drink. However, coffee is not the only thing on this list. Any strong colored sodas or juices, red wine, chocolate, tea, tomato-based soups, beets, dark sauces, and basically, anything that could stain your clothes is something you want to stay away from, as it can stain your teeth too.

Cold Foods

Your teeth might be especially sensitive after teeth whitening, and the cold and sensitive teeth are not the most fabulous friends. Avoid eating frozen yogurt, ice cream, and anything else that might be too cold, at least for 48 hours to keep your teeth from hurting.

Acidic Foods

Think lemon, pickled food, vinaigrettes. Anything that’s acidic can also cause pain due to sensitivity.


We talked about juices, and yes, they stain. But most fruits have some acidity that could potentially taint teeth. Bananas are one kind you can eat carefree.

Go-To Food Items

To avoid you feeling restricted or discouraged by the things you need to avoid, you should know about the other foods you don’t have to be worried about. White meat and white fish is great, as are eggs and white cheese. You can eat bread, rice, pasta, enjoy some coconut water, sparkling water, and even indulge in a cocktail like gin and tonic, have some vodka, or anything that contains clear alcohol.

Get the Best Smile in Boulder

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