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Airbrushing is a popular tanning method. It is comfortable, quick, natural, and lightweight. A skilled airbrush tanning technician will make sure that the tan is even, without any dark patches or missed spots. Airbrush tanning requires experience and skill, and it’s why you need a reputable and established tanning salon for it. 

What Does a Custom Airbrush Tanning Package Include? 

If you want a stunning indoor tan, opt for a special, custom package so that you get the kind of highlighted look you want. You get various things in custom packages, such as:

  • Natural Sunkissed Bronze Tan – Reputable professionals utilize the most effective tanning products and techniques for consistent results and the most natural-looking tan.
  • Color Matching – Skilled technicians expertly match the product blend to your skin tone, making sure the specific shade complements your skin tone and features.
  • Careful Application – Airbrush tanning is a highly effective tanning solution that needs experience and skill. The technicians need a trained and keen eye and a steady hand. This helps in the proper application of the tan.

Some people wonder why they should opt for professional airbrush tanning when they can easily get a free tan sitting in the open on a sunny day. However, the fact is that natural tanning methods cannot be controlled, and that means you can be sunburned or get an uneven tan. On the other hand, when you opt for airbrushing, you can get the perfect tan within under 30 minutes, without worrying about unevenness or sunburn.

The Benefits of Airbrush Tans

Contouring is a significant benefit of airbrush tanning. The technicians can customize the color and the technique so that you get the look you want. With contouring, your body will get a more defined and leaner appearance. It’s a good way to highlight your most desired assets, while giving your skin an enviable glow. Contouring can transform your features quickly, giving you a full makeover in just one tanning session.

Custom airbrush also utilizes many organic ingredients to improve, nourish, and benefit your skin. While this is a highly effective way to get a tan, you need to go to a credible and established tanning salon.

At Veranda Sun, we use superior products and techniques for the best results. Check out what packages we offer, which include airbrush tanning, as well as other skin or teeth whitening treatments you want.