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Nothing beats sexy, tan skin. Bonus points if you manage to protect your skin and still have great color. The secret? Our lotion of the month.

Get the Richest of Colors with BrGet the Richest of Colors with Bronze D Codedonze D Coded

Want a beautiful, youthful glow? Want to infuse your skin with great color and still protect it and keep it hydrated? Look no further because you’re looking for Bronze D Coded, and at Veranda Sun, you can enjoy it for a crazy good price this month.

What could possibly be the reason for this lotion to give such great results? Australian Gold thought of everything with this one, so they mixed some great ingredients to come up with the HydraDark Bronzer, which is meant to leave your skin super hydrated and give you a wonderful bronzed hue, while still providing you with amazingly hydrating properties.

You might not think there’s more to it, but there is and it’s called the Youth Decoder Complex. A component so great that it doesn’t only help you achieve that rich, dark color you want, it also provides great skincare and even helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles, to make you feel and look younger, give your skin a healthy glow and —everyone’s favorite part— color like no other.

To top it all off, this lotion is a like a vitamin drink for your skin because it contains Vitamin E, B5 and D, which all work together to give you long-lasting moisture.

Youthful, Glowing Skin Thanks to Veranda Sun

Doesn’t a lotion with great sun shielding power and able to deliver glorious, rich, dark color to your skin sound like a dream? This is the secret to unlock beautiful, envy-generating skin. Australian Gold really hit the mark with this lotion. We love it so much, we need to share it with you and that’s why we made it lotion of the month. March is not over. You still have another week to enjoy this amazing lotion for a great price. Come to Veranda Sun and get yours today!