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Want to be the most bronze queen in all the land? Nothing can do the trick quite like this incredible lotion. Try it once and you’ll be hooked for life.

Make Everyone Envious of Your Skin with This Magical Tanning Lotion

If you’re a lover of tanned skin, surely, you know all about this month’s best tanning specials in Boulder at Veranda Sun. And if you do, you also know our tanning lotion of the month is Envious by Designer Skin. If this sounds new to you, pay attention because you are going to want to know all about this amazing product.

Make Everyone Envious Of Your Skin with This Magical Tanning Lotion

Envious is a one of a kind, Magical Cream Oil tanning formula that gives your skin velvety hydration while giving you mind-blowing tanning results. This incredible product is a 19X bronzer that will create a luxurious look to your skin, leaving it with a dark, rich color that will have everyone talking. You can be sure that no other skin will be as appealing as yours.

A Tan That Will Rule Them All

Thanks to its great formula, made with black truffle, potassium, and vitamins, Envious will give your skin a color so dominating, that is fit for royalty. With the help of DS ProBronze Extend™ and MelanINK™, you will instantly witness your skin getting dark and it will continue to get darker over time, to create long-lasting results. Its out-of-this-world moisturizers will leave your skin looking supple and feeling super velvety and soft and on top of that, it smells great. If you love bronzing, you will absolutely love Envious by Designer Skin.

This is why, at Veranda Sun, we have chosen this amazing product as our lotion of the month. Stop by our sunshine studio in Boulder, and get Envious at a price you cannot resist. Here’s your chance to have that bronze goddess look you’ve always wanted and you can’t pass it up. Come get yours today, and next time you look at yourself in the mirror, you will discover you are bronze royalty.