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Humidity, or the amount of water vapor in the air, is an important health variable that is easy to overlook… yet very easy to remedy. Ideal humidity is generally described as between 40 percent and 60 percent, although some experts believe it should be closer to 35-45 percent.


When humidity is higher than this, as is common in the summer, it can contribute to the growth of mold, dust mites, and fungus, making it particularly dangerous for people with asthma and allergies. Low humidity is equally dangerous, however, and may even lead to serious complications to your health.

During the winter months, heaters and cold temperatures may lead to dry air with low humidity, leading to dry skin, irritated sinuses and throat, and itchy eyes. Read some of our Skin Care Tips for the Cold Season.

  • Exposure to low humidity can dry out and inflame the mucous membrane lining your respiratory tract, increasing your risk of colds, the flu, and other infections
  • Flu viruses survive longer, and spread more easily, when humidity levels are low
  • A hygrometer, which you can find at most hardware stores, can measure the amount of moisture in your home’s air so you can adjust it accordingly

The majority of adverse health effects caused by relative humidity would be minimized by maintaining indoor levels between 40 and 60%. This would require humidification during winter in areas with cold winter climates. Humidification should preferably use evaporative or steam humidifiers, as cool mist humidifiers can disseminate aerosols contaminated with allergens.”

How You Can Increase Humidity

  • Use a vaporizer or humidifier
  • Create a steam bath by taking a hot shower, or filling your sink with hot water, then placing a towel over your head as you lean over the sink
  • Breathe in the steam from a hot cup of tea
  • Boil water on your stove or simply place bowls of water around your home

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At Veranda Sun in Boulder, we care about your health. Contact us to learn more about other great ways to help your body feel great and stay beautiful. Have questions?  Ask us. Or visit us and lets talk!

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