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Often times, we design our agendas around tons of different resolutions that seem to get lost as the year goes by. This year, focus on staying healthy with a few simple tips.


 4 Tips to Stay Healthy in the New Year

Resolutions can kick start positive changes in your life. For goals to be attainable, your plan should fit in with your lifestyle. Staying healthy doesn’t require crazy resolutions. Follow these easy tips and become a better and healthier you in 2018:

Choose to Eat Real Food

Real food has no label on it. Going back to basics and avoiding processed foods as much as possible is one very important step in your health journey. It’s not about counting calories or completely avoiding certain food groups but it’s about having a balanced nutrition that is mostly made out of food that earth has naturally produced, instead of stuff that came out of a factory.

Steghtening your body in 2018Strengthen Your Body

Being active is pivotal to being healthy. A sedentary life can lead to many health issues that no one is interested in having. However, there is one form of exercise that is particularly beneficial, and that is weight-training. Stop. Don’t run away just yet. Most women avoid weight-bearing exercises thinking that they’ll bulk up like the Hulk, but unless your eat and train like an elite athlete, that is not going to happen. What you are going to get is a stronger body and a improved cardiovascular health.

Put Down the Cigarette

Because, it’s just terrible for your health overall. Not only will it stain your teeth and produce premature aging of the skin, it will also harm your respiratory system and can lead to health conditions like cancer.

Practice Gratitude and Be Happy

Stress and depression can lead to heart disease in women. Having a positive outlook on life and being thankful can directly impact your health and allow you to live a longer, fuller life.

Get Your Dose of Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with depression and premature death of causes including cancer and cardiovascular disease. Get your Vitamin D in without exposing your skin to the damaging effects of the sun. Our sunburn prevention studio has more sun beds than any other tanning salon in BoulderCome to Veranda Sun and soak up some Vitamin D on our sun beds while you get a beautiful tan.


Veranda Sun can help you achieve your goal of staying healthy this 2018. Stop by our studio anytime or call to make an appointment. There’s no better way for us to kick of the year than helping you become a healthier version of yourself.