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Bring Out the Beauty of Your Tan with These Great Makeup Tips

Summer never ends around here, thanks to our sunless tanning solutions, at Veranda Sun. When your skin looks beautifully tanned and you have that gorgeous, healthy glow, you want to use makeup to enhance the look of it, not cover it up. Here are 5 makeup tips to make you look naturally beautiful and really bring out the lusciousness of your tanned skin.

Protect Your Skin

First things first. Before you get creative with this or any other kind of makeup, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your skin. UV rays are one of the causes of premature aging. Your face is your canvas, so make you protect it and moisturize it, too.

Use a Light Foundation

Like we mentioned before, it’s about enhancing your skin and bringing out your natural beauty. Heavy foundation is not the best choice. Be sure to choose a color that really matches your skin tone, for a seamless look. If you’re feeling confident, you can wear bare skin, or go with something like a BB or CC cream.

Bring Out the Beauty of Your Tan with These Great Makeup TipsWisely Choose Your Blush and Bronzer

Coral, orange or rose-toned blushes are the way to go. They’ll bring more life to your face. Peachy/brown undertones in your blush can have the opposite effect. Apply it lightly across your cheeks. If you’re more of the bronzer kind, choose a coppery/gold shade, and apply instead of the blush.

Go for Earthy Lip Colors

Nothing wrong with a beautiful bold lip, but if you’re going for a more natural look, you’ll want to go for something subtler. Earthy lip colors are the go-tos to achieve a natural lip, so peachy/coral shades of pinks are great options, or even a strawberry or deep wine red. A little bit of lip gloss also works great with highlighted cheekbones, and warm eyeshadows.

Brighten Up Your Eyes with Metallic Eye Shadows

Metallics are in! The eyeshadow palettes for this Fall are all about really bringing attention to the eyes with metallic tons and lots of texture. So this is the perfect time to go for perfectly blended gold, bronze, or silver eyeshadow. You can pair with a thin line of eyeliner and don’t forget to apply mascara, to really make your eyes pop. Remember, you focus on one area that you want to bring attention to, so it’s either your eyes or your lips. Doing both is going overboard.


What are your favorite makeup ideas for tanned skin?