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Good dental hygiene is that most effective way to keep your smile in tip-top condition. However, there are also some makeup tricks you can apply to give the illusion of even whiter teeth. These are some clever techniques you can use to liven up that smile.

Makeup Tips to Amp Up Your Smile

Make Smart Lipstick Color Choices

Choosing the right lip color can give you an instant whitening treatment. Steer clear of orange tones, as they reflect as yellow on your teeth. A little bit of gloss will go a long way in making your smile look brighter, but very frosty shimmers tend to make lips look more pale, which will make your grin seem dull, and neons can have the same effect. Berry-colored lipstick, or basically any other color with blue undertones (whether you go with a deep plum or light raspberry), will counteract traces of yellow, giving you a megawatt smile.

Highlight Your Lips

Try applying a lip liner and gloss around the lips and a light concealer around the outer border of the lips. “This makes your lips appear fuller and makes your teeth seem whiter in contrast to your lip color,” says makeup artist Annie Mayo, founder of Advanced Mineral Makeup.



Sunless tanning for white teeth

Becomes Friends with Your Bronzer

When your skin has that sun-kissed look, your smile looks brighter. Apply some taupe-tone bronzer to amp up the sparkle. As with lipstick, stay away from the more orange bronzers since they enhance yellow tones. If you’re not much into bronzer, sun beds are a good way to go. You’ll get that bronze hue without the extra makeup or having to wait til summer.

Focus on the Eyes

Make your eyes a focal point and go for cooler shades of eye makeup which will help to deflect any yellow tones, giving you a beaming smile.

Make It Permanent

A smile is the first thing people notice about each other, and although makeup can help you create an optical illusion of having brighter teeth, wouldn’t it be nicer if they were always white regardless of the lip color you choose? Go for gold and try our teeth whitening treatment, or feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have.