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News about sunbeds being dangerous are based on misunderstanding the actual research

Nowadays, when people think about sun beds, two things will usually come to mind: a gorgeous tan and skin cancer risk; thoughts that are being influenced by stories led by inaccurate and misleading information based on actual research misunderstanding.

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The truth is, there is no scientific research to suggest that the proper use of sunbeds causes a higher risk of skin cancer. As it happens with other things in life, it all comes down to being smart, having common sense and to tan with the appropriate measures. Last week we wrote about indoor tanning being, in fact, pretty safe if respected.

Besides, a serious and professional tanning salon like Veranda Sun, has to adhere to the highest industry standards and federal regulations to be able to provide the best indoor tanning experience in Boulder, with a safe and controlled UV exposure.

Tanning Bed Facts and Benefits

  • Regular, moderate use of sunbeds will raise the levels of Vitamin D in healthy adults.
  • By using sunbeds, where the level of UV can be controlled, the risk of sunburn can be minimized.
  • Is not the use, but the overexposure and abuse of sunbeds, just like overexposure to natural sunlight, which is associated with health risks.
  • It is best to tan in 5 minute increments every other session, and allow several weeks up to a month to achieve your tanning goal. With a little patience, the results can be amazing!
  • Detractors state that sunbeds produce stronger UV rays than the sun, but you are only on a sunbed for around an average of 8 minutes, not 8 hours!
  • There is no difference between excessive use of sunbeds and excessive exposure to the natural sun.
  • Tanning beds can be safer than the sun since the equipment is designed with filters. That’s why people generally tan more than they do burn.
  • By choosing to tan indoors, you actually have more control over the ratio of UVB vs UVA rays and the amount of time you tan.

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