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Many people like the idea of lounging around in the sun to get a tan. However, this method of tanning can cause a sunburn even when you apply suntan lotion. Sunbeds are another solution, but can be a little time-consuming, so people don’t find them too convenient.

The best way to ensure you get a stunning bronzed look is to visit a well-established spray tanning salon for a Mystic Tan. This is a sunless tan alternative that helps you achieve the tan you desire safely.

Understanding What Mystic Tan Is

Mystic Tan™ is a brand name for a spray tanning solution in which you get a tan in a spray tanning booth. You step into a heated tanning booth, disrobe, and activate the spray via a button. The Mystic Tan is sprayed all over your body, giving you a superb, even tan. It is rich in Aloe Vera and has a DHA-infused bronzing colorant. The product attaches itself to the skin, linking to the protein that lies beneath the skin. The DHA content in the proteins slowly darkens as the treatment progresses.

Tailored Sun Tanning Solutions

Each person’s skin is different, and they will have different spray tanning needs. When you look for Mystic Tan Packages, experts will help you understand what is included and how many sittings you will need to achieve the desired look. There are three levels of natural golden brown hues to choose from. When you go to a professional tanning salon, they will tailor solutions for you, and you can decide the tan level you prefer. The consultant at the salon will help guide your choices and make sure you get the look you want.

They will discuss your requirements and make sure you have an understanding of what is involved in the process. The DHA content in Mystic Tan has a lasting effect, and your tan can last for up to seven days. You can then choose to go back to the salon for another tan as required. No matter which way you look at it, this is one of the most convenient and effective ways to get the tan you want without the hassle of sitting under the sun for hours.

Get in touch with a well-established and reputable spray tanning salon that offers clients high-quality sunless tan solutions for safe and long-lasting results. We have a variety of packages that you can choose from, and our experts will ensure you get an outstanding tan.