woman with spray tan

Experience Sunless Tanning in High Definition. Mystic HD is a revolutionary heated sunless treatment that delivers flawless natural-looking skin

  • Voice guided instructions to ensure an easy and successful sunless tanning experience
  • 4 different positions and applications to reach every curve and angle
  • Specially formulated Myxers offered to customize each tan to every person’s needs
  • A perfect easy tan in just 3 minutes!

Mystic TanTM is a trademarked company that popularized the spray booth-tanning concept.

You simply disrobe; step into the booth, and at the push of a button you are sprayed with a fine mist of Aloe Vera enriched with Sunless-Tanning Solution.

This Sunless-Tan solution is similar to the solutions used in airbrush tanning which combine a bronzing colorant with DHA, a non-toxic sugar that attaches to skin cells and links to proteins beneath the skin. It is the effect of DHA on these proteins that causes the skin to gradually darken after a treatment.

There are 3 levels of darkness to choose from depending on how tan you want to be. Your tanning salon consultant can help you decide what level is right for you!

The solution made by Mystic Tan is known for its natural, golden brown hue. Thanks to the bronzer that is in the formula, clients see results the minute they exit the booth or capsule. The DHA component in the solution allows the tan to continue to darken throughout the day.

MysticTan tends to last about a week.