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Our custom airbrush tan will leave you looking and feeling your absolute best AND YOUNGER!

Our new VIP formula, the Maximum Exposure “Age Defying” Tanning Solution or as we call it the ‘Max X’ Dark Tanning Solution has a great plus, Anti Aging properties! The formula is made up of mostly all natural and organic ingredients which are proven to be very beneficial to our skin: 

  • Matrixyl 3000
  • A, C & E Antioxidant Vitamins
  • EcoCert Aloe Vera
  • 99.9% Kosher Plant Derived Glycerin

They key ingredient to this VIP Blend is the Aloe Vera, that helps you get a real dark bronze without looking like they have been dipped in motor oil! So you look great but your skin also feels great, and younger!

How does it make me look younger?

Our Age Defying formula has some very interesting benefits for your whole body. The great combination of EcoCert Aloe Vera, the antioxidants, natural glycerin and Matrixyl do wonders on your skin. These are some of the major benefits:

  • In your face! MAX X helps fill up wrinkles on forehead and around the lip area
  • Great for sensitive skin: it’s actually a good alternative to Retinol
  • Natural, non-toxic and has no irritating side effects, so your skin will stay clear
  • Improves skin tone and elasticity for smoother looking skin
  • Triggers growth of collagen in the skin matrix

What do you say to coming in for a tan and walking out brown, bronzed and with beautiful smooth skin and less wrinkles? Plus you help your body naturally produce the collagen that is needed to keep your volume and elasticity on your face and all over your skin.

Why Get a Spray Tan at Veranda Sun?

5 easy reasons:

  1. We have Custom Airbrush Tanning, which includes a handheld sprayer for best results
  2. We have top of the line air filtration system in our spray tanning booth
  3. We offer disposable under garments for safety and comfort and we help your feet stay clean by providing sticky feet for your session. So you’re safer, cleaner and more comfortable spray tanning with us!
  4. Plus, you get the best tanning results and anti aging benefits all in one