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Spending hours in the sun to get that beachy summer glow only to realize that you still have tan lines is one of the most annoying things. Nothing seems to work on them, but is that really true?

Three Ways to Prevent Tan Lines

Getting a tan is so much fun. What is not fun is the tan lines you get while all the bronzing happens. Maybe there are a few things you can try to kiss those lines goodbye. Plan ahead and give these tips a go.

Play Around with Your Swimsuit Straps

Use sunscreen to prevent tan linesFor the top, try using one that is strapless, but if you already own an adorable swimsuit that has straps, don’t worry. Just make sure you move those straps around every now and then to allow different areas of the skin to be exposed to the sun for even periods of time.

Be Mindful When Applying Sunscreen

One thing you want to do when applying sunscreen is to not miss a spot. We tend to underestimate the importance of sunscreen. It’s key that you apply lotion on your body even if you want to get a tan. This is just going to protect your skin from burns, not prevent you from getting tanned. Sunscreen is especially important if you’re looking to avoid tan lines, so apply evenly all over your body.

UVA vs UVB Tanning BedsResort to Sunless Tanning

Hit the tanning bed instead of spending hours laying in the sun. Looking for the best sun beds in Colorado? At Veranda Sun, we offer our clients eight different levels of sun beds. Expose your whole body to the tanning bed for a tan-line-free tanning experience. You could also choose to tan wearing a tan-through swimsuit, which allows UV rays to get through to your skin even through the fabric. If you already have tan lines and are trying to even them out, you can apply some bronzer tanning lotion to the paler areas of your skin in an attempt to even out your skin tone. Be careful not to turn those lines from really pale to really dark.