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So, what are you waiting for?

Wow, time really does fly nowadays, don’t you think? Another holiday season is just around the corner, but first, we are right in the middle of the favorite month for all the crazy deals lovers: November!

Yes, Black Friday in Boulder is just a week away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start to take advantage of great discounts and offers throughout the month…well, at least here at Veranda Sun Tanning Salon it’s true!! Come now and stock up for the winter and next year, or get a few of your holiday gifts crossed off your list with this incredible special:

TANNING LOTION SALE at Veranda Sun – Only during NOVEMBER 2015!
ALL LOTIONS will have a 25% discount!

Tanning Products

Get your professional tanning lotion in Boulder

Professional indoor tanning lotions are really important for a number of reasons: they help protect and nourish your skin for a better and longer lasting tan by maintaining the moisture levels in your skin, allowing your pores to open up and maximize the UV tanning effect, helping to improve your results. Keep in mind that dry skin reflects UV light, so if you are not using an indoor tanning lotion, you can be wasting up to 50% of your tanning session!

Tanning lotions also contain specific ingredients that promote tanning and melanin synthesis, allowing you to get a darker and quicker tan which will last longer too!

It’s advised to always choose a professional tanning lotion instead of commercial over-the-counter lotions, as those don’t have the same effectiveness and necessary ingredients to maximize your tanning results. Hurry up and come to our premium tanning salon in Boulder before this month ends! You can ask our trained staff about which lotion suits you better, depending on your tanning needs!

Tanning Lotion

And also don’t forget our Black Friday deal:

Mark the day! BLACK FRIDAY SALE on November 27th 2015

Package SALE: Buy one get one Free – ONE DAY ONLY!!

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