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Enjoy Our Great October Tanning Specials!

October is already here, autumn and it’s colorful landscape across our country. At Veranda Sun Tanning Salon in Boulder, we are ready to continue providing the best possible tanning results for you.

These awesome tanning deals for October will have you party-ready for Halloween, so take note and make sure to not miss out on them:

In & Out

Stand-Up SpecialsTanning Specials in Boulder

Choose either our VHR (level 3) or Dazzler (level 4) at a discounted rate!


3 Tans – $35 (reg. 42)

5 Tans – $67 (reg. 77)


3 Tans – $43 (reg. 50)

5 Tans – $80 (reg. 90)

+ Tax

How About 1 Month Unlimited?

awesome tanning deals

SUPER – $55 (reg. 59)

VHO – $63 (reg. 69)

VHR – $70 (reg. 79)

DAZZLER – $77 (reg. 89)

ULTRA 5000 – $85 (reg. 99)

ULTRA 6400 – $103 (reg. 119)

+ Tax

Red Light Therapy

Reduce wrinkles


Firming and toning

Get rid of acne

Reduce body pain

1 month unlimited $55

(reg. 69)

3 months unlimited $149

(reg. 207)


Tan America 6400

the best possible tanning results with Tan America 6400


Bronzing Results

Tanning Bed

15 Tans


$ 179.00

+Tax (Reg. $ 219)

20% Off ALL Lotions!

As our way of saying thank you to all our loyal customers, we are offering 20%% off all bottles of lotion!

Our favorites:

complexION – $120 (reg. 150)

Luminary – $96 (reg. 120)

Designer by Designer – $68 (reg. 85)

Belle – $52 (reg. 65)

Shea you love me – $36 (reg. 45)

Hydronite – $24 (reg. 30)

+ Tax

New Client Sampler

 $79 (+ TAX)

1 session in every level Includes:
VHO            Ultra 5000
VHR            Ultra 6400

Be a Part of Our EZ Pay Program!

$29/month (+ TAX)
No cancellation fee!

Stay tuned for more tanning specials in Boulder

Don’t Miss Your Great Golden Tan in Autumn

With Veranda Sun Tan monthly specials, you don’t have to let your perfect color disappear. Come visit us and discover why we are the best tanning salon in Boulder: we have 19 sun beds in total, our lamps are always new, and our staff is always friendly, professional and well trained. They know how to help you control the right amount of exposure your skin needs, and they will be here to determine your skin type and help you get started.

October Specials at Veranda Sun

October comes full of great tanning deals in Boulder!