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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and people are already on the hunt for the perfect gifts for their significant other.  While chocolates, jewelry, flowers, or adorable soft toys are the most popular gift options, there’s nothing wrong with being a little adventurous. What’s the fun in giving a loved one the same type of gift every year? Here are some tips to help you find something special:

Sun Beds Promos

Sunbed Tanning for Valentine's

A sunbed tanning session is a great and original Valentine’s gift.

People like to look their best during Valentine’s Day, and sometimes looking at their best means getting a tan. Fortunately, Veranda Sun Sunshine Studio provides promotional offers for Valentine’s Day month. You can book one of these sessions for your significant other so that they can feel content and confident. These specials cover membership costs and a few sessions, so your SO can keep up their tan consistently.

If your partner loves to tan and get glowing skin but is hesitant to step out into the sun, getting one of these promos is an ideal gift. They can tan safely without spending hours in hot, sunny conditions.

Self-Tanning Lotions

Some people don’t like tanning beds and prefer something more comfortable. Self-tanning lotions are an ideal solution for them. These products gradually tan the skin, giving it a golden glow that lingers for weeks. Good-quality self-tanning lotions provide even, consistent coverage. There are no dark or light patches, orange tones, or other such issues.

Choosing a good tanning lotion is crucial because not all products are made equal. Some have harmful ingredients that cause irritation or breakouts. Some lotions don’t deliver the most natural results, which can ruin anyone’s Valentine’s Day. Many poor-quality products also transfer easily, which can ruin your clothes, bedding, and furnishings. A good storewill have a collection of reliable self-tanners that perform up to customer expectations.

Teeth Whitening

Relaxing at the spa

Enjoy Valentine’s relaxing at our cozy spa.

Is your SO thinking about getting their teeth whitened? Have they been experimenting with various over-the-counter solutions and are dissatisfied with the results? Booking a teeth whitening session may be just the gift for them this season. Professional whitening is safer and more efficient. It lightens teeth by several shades in only one or two sessions, which is why many people choose professional treatment as opposed to at-home solutions.

Many whitening solutions are messy or time-consuming. Some cause teeth and gum sensitivity that lingers for days at a time. Fortunately, there are solutions like a stabilized peroxide product with a neutral pH. It provides the same results but without causing any irritation or taking too much time. Clients can walk out of the whitening salon in with brighter teeth in just under an hour. This solution is also relatively affordable, which makes it an ideal Valentine’s gift.

Relaxing Spa

People lead stressful lives and deserve a small break away from the daily grind, and an hour or two spent in the spa is the perfect solution. You can even book a couple’s session and enjoy some quality time together.

All of these gifts are unique and different from the more traditional choices and you can get these and many more at Veranda Sun. It shows you pay attention to your SO’s requirements, which will definitely please them. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 303-219-0904 or drop us an email through this Contact Us form.