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How to Get the Brightest Smile Before You Tie Knot?

A bride’s smile is one of the most critical elements of her look for the big day. You’ll be smiling so much, it will be present in every photo, and inevitably, you’ll want it to stand out for all the right reasons. A white smile for your white dress is the best pairing for this special occasion, and it can be achieved with a little bridal prep.

There were times when getting a beaming smile was not easy, so of course, you’d see smiles gradually lose their ‘umph.’ Luckily, those days are over, and now many things can be done to bring out the best smile, just in time for your big day.

Book a Dentist Appointment

First things first. To ensure you sport the very best smile on your big day, start by having your teeth checked out by your dentist. It is best to do this early on in your wedding planning days, so you have enough time to correct anything that needs to be corrected.

Get Your Teeth Cleaned

Once your teeth are in perfect condition, get a cleaning. Before you move on to the whitening part, you must check this off your beautiful smile to-do list.

How to Get the Brightest Smile Before You Tie KnotTurn Up the White

Drum roll… This is what you’ve been waiting for. Whitening your teeth will result in the brightest, most beautiful grin, perfect for your wedding photos. At Veranda Sun, we love working with the teeth whitening technology developed by White Science. It’s the best way to get whiter teeth in under 30 minutes, with less pain and irritation than other methods, and for a fraction of the price that you’ll get on dentist whitening procedures. Indeed, the best way to get the most beautiful bridal smile.

Don’t Neglect Oral Health

At this point, oral health is super important. Keep brushing your teeth regularly, at least three times a day.

Avoid Foods That Stain Your Teeth

Coffee, tomato sauces, and any other types of food that have a dark or red-ish color to it have high staining potential. Ideally, you should avoid these foods during the time leading up to your wedding, even more so after whitening your teeth. This will ensure your teeth remain their whitest for your wedding day.


Getting white, brighter teeth has never been so simple. Book your teeth whitening appointment at Veranda Sun in Boulder today and get ready to smile big on your big day!