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You might have heard about red light therapy by now, but did you know it can make your skin look younger?

Does Red Light Therapy Work as an Anti-Aging Treatment?

Red light therapy has gained a lot of popularity over time. Among the many things it can be beneficial for, it has also been said to work as an anti-aging treatment of non-invasive quality. There are several clinical studies that back up the anti-aging benefits of red light therapy, but let’s start from the top.

What is Red Light Therapy?Understanding Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a type of laser therapy that involves skin being directly exposed to LED emitted red light. Because it’s LED light, very little heat is produced, so it goes unnoticed, making this a painless and non-invasive treatment.

How Red Light Therapy Helps Rejuvenate Skin

This popular therapy has been proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, smooth skin tone, tighten the skin, and regenerate collagen and elastin, among other things. How does it do it?

Improves Circulation and Promotes the Development of New Capillaries

With new capillaries, more oxygen will get to your skin cells on a daily basis, along with some much-needed nutrients. This will make your skin radiant and give you a youthful appearance.

Improve your skin texture with Red Light Therapy

Decreases Puffiness and Swelling

Because the lymph system starts to work harder and will slowly become more efficient, you will notice less swelling and healthier-looking skin.

Boosts Collagen Production

When your skin is rich in collagen, it will have better elasticity and look firmer and fuller. This is what will help you smooth out the texture of your skin, and even reduce the size of your pores. These results will happen over time, so hang in there and be persistent with the treatment.

Younger-Looking Skin at Boulder’s Best Tanning Boutique

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