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Vitamin D is Available for FREE in Sunlight and is it’s URGENT for you if you want to Remain Healthy

We are living in times where people are scared of the dangers sun, leading many to hide inside all day or under thick levels of sunblock. But our bodies were not made for the dark. Recent research continues to show that being a light deprived society becomes a worse scenario than the possible dangers of what the sun could cause. One of the biggest health challenges of our modern society is Vitamin D Deficiency. However, the cure is simple, safe sunlight exposure is the easiest, most natural way to increase your Vitamin D production. Let us remind you All the Best that Vitamin D Has to Offer

Whether you go out looking for sun or stay in Colorado waiting for warmer days, here are some tips to get the most of all the benefits from the sun.

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Help prevent cancer with vitamin dTanning Safe and Smart

It is a true statement that unsafe, uncontrolled, excessive sun exposure can produce skin cancer and cause clear signs of premature aging. However, smart, safe sun exposure far outweighs these dangers and has numerous health benefits, being our main interest today natural vitamin D in your skin when exposed to UVB. Researchers, conducting survey on measurements of sunlight and it’s effect on people from different countries, have found evidence that lead them to say that sufficient sun exposure could actually be prevention for some types of cancer, including breast and colorectal cancer. As little as 10 minutes in the direct sun, could help your body produce the Vitamin D it needs to reach ideal levels. It is shocking to know than less than half of the population of the cities of the world have proper Vitamin D production.


What we have learned about Vitamin D

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