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When we think about laying out in the sun, or maybe just spending some time outdoors when it’s really hot outside, we know well how to take care of our skin, but are we just as careful with our hair and scalp? Do we ever even think about that? Most people don’t.

We often emphasize the importance of protecting yourself from the sun, but it’s good to remember that “sun protection” means head-to-toe sun protection. Our hair and scalp are just as important and as sensitive to the sun as the rest of our body, so if you are not already taking measures to protect your hair, we’re glad you stopped by.

Why You Should Protect Your Hair from the Heat

So here we are, telling you about how you might have to add yet another step to your beauty routine, and yes, it might seem like a drag, but the truth is that your locks and scalp deserve as much care as the rest of your body does. Our mane is not there just to look pretty on our head. It acts as an insulating agent when it’s cold, and it keeps us cool when it’s really hot out. Those locks protect us from UV radiation, and because of that, our hair follicles can take on some serious damage if not properly protected. As if that wasn’t bad enough, skipping protection can also make hair become very dry, dull, and brittle, not to mention it can also mess up your dye job.

Hat for Sun Protection

Top It with a Hat

Besides upgrading your overall outfit and making you look rather stylish, a hat provides shade, which will help you stay cool and protects your scalp, hair, and skin.

Wet Hair, Don’t Care

If your hair’s wet before getting into the water, it will absorb less chlorine. Also, once you come out of the water, rinse your hair again to get rid of whatever salt or chlorine stuck to your strands.

Protect It with Sunscreen

Daily SPF is needed, even on your head. You can apply to your hair the same sunscreen you use on your face and body. Just work it in gently and make sure you run it through all of your hair. You can also use natural oils like avocado, coconut, and olive oil.

Opt for Protective Hairstyles

Try pulling your hair back into a ponytail or bun to avoid parts. If do you go for a parted style, make sure you protect that area with sunscreen – hopefully one that’s water resistant.

Protect on Tanning Beds, Too

If you choose to get your bronze hue on a tanning bed, keep these tips present as well. You’ll be doing your hair a great favor.

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