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No matter how many creams, treatments, or injections we try and use, signs of age and skin damage always seem to find a way through. That is even the case for those of us who have naturally healthy skin. Years of sun exposure and damage eventually take their toll, making you appear old and tired. Thankfully, there are alternative therapies that can be used to reduce any imperfections. 

At Veranda Sun, we pride ourselves on using the latest in skincare technology, including the use of Red Light Therapy to get rid of age and sunspots. This LED-enabled rejuvenation method has been shown on The Doctors and other prominent platforms to reverse the appearance of aging skin, improve imperfections, and even relieve pain. 

How to Get Rid of Age and Sun Spots

A client is given red light therapy to get rid of age and sunspots that cause imperfections and unhealthy-looking skin.

Photorejuvenation therapies, including Red Light Therapy, work by inducing microscopic damage to skin cells that prompt the development of new cells to heal wounds. In fact, studies even show that the use of specific wavelengths of LED light prompts skin cells to grow 150% to 200% faster!

This technique works for scars, burns, acne, aging skin, and multiple other dermatological imperfections. Photorejuvenation therapies are also free of harmful UVA and UVB rays that contribute to aged and damaged skin. The great part about the use of phototherapy on the skin is that it produces little in the way of adverse side effects and can be applied in a comfortable setting!

Learn More About Red Light Therapy

If you want to learn more about whether or not red light therapy is the right therapy option to get rid of age and sun spots, reach out to Veranda Sun today! Our certified technicians can meet all your tanning and rejuvenation needs, and we also offer monthly specials on products and services!