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Scary for redheads, true for everyone

You’re not going to like this, redheads, but you need to get out in the sun.  Just for a few minutes a day. Preferably when the sun is at its highest. Yikes, I know, I’m a redhead, and writing it makes me a little nervous, but let me tell you why you are not doing yourself any favors by staying away from direct sunlight. If you’re not a redhead, stay with me anyway, this information is good for you, too.  fair skin

Without the sun earth would be a frozen lifeless rock

If every other life form on the planet needs the sun to survive, why should the fair skinned be any different. Okay, you won’t die if you don’t get any direct sunlight. But you may have a vitamin D deficiency. This is true for any skin type, but especially you pale skin delicate creatures who will do anything to avoid being in direct sunlight. With the latest obsession with vampires and creatures of the night, our pale skin is quite the trend, so I don’t want you to mistake this for me telling you you need to get a tan. Quite the opposite.

Vitamin DThe Vitamin D challenge

Sensible sun exposure is vital for maintaining an adequate level of vitamin D.  It isn’t by accident that vitamin D is the only vitamin our body can produce all by itself. Well, not all by itself. It needs to be kick started by the sun. The best time to soak up some vitamin D is high noon! This is the optimal time for UVB to penetrate your skin, stimulating the production of vitamin D. Try to stay calm and keep reading, redheads, I know this is terrifying information for you. But just the right amount of sunshine can do you a whole lot of good. Just five minutes or less will let the UVB rays hit your skin and kick start your natural vitamin D production. The trick is to stay in the sun half the time it would normally take for your skin to start turning red. Because I do NOT want you to burn, nor do I want you to try to get a tan. Luckily vitamin D production kicks in way before your skin starts to turn pink. For example, I would most likely start turning red after about 5 minutes. So, to get my vitamin D, I would just need a good 2.5 minutes in the sun, and then rush back in the shade where I belong. Another trick is to expose a lot of skin. The more skin you expose to the sun, the more area you have for absolving UVB and the less time you have to spend in that scary sunlight. So next time you go outside on your lunch break, kick off your socks and shoes, roll up your sleeves and pant (or hike up that skirt a little), and step out into the bright sunlight for 2 minutes. Just two.  Baby steps.

Slow and steady wins the vitamin D race

Did you know that people who spend their days working in the sun, the occupationally sun-exposed, are less likely to get melanoma than the recreational sun-exposed? Sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s true. That being said, you have to be very careful. Don’t overdo your sun exposure just because you’ve been indoors all winter and now you want to get all of your vitamin D in one sitting. Too much sun, especially if you get sunburn is bad, anyway you put it. I’m not contesting that point. But you can slooooowly, start to build your tolorance and vitamin D levels with a little sun, everyday. Start small, and build your way up. It’s like training for a marathon, without all that annoying running. And we’re not the ones who made up this message, want to read our source?Veranda Sun

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