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3 Tips to Get Rid of Self-Tanner from Your Skin

Self-tanners are life savers. They offer great sunless tanning power in a bottle that you can apply yourself or have a professional apply it for you, depending on what you’re using. The quality of the results depends on the quality of the product you use and the way you apply it.

Although some love to have bronzed skin all year round, there are others who prefer it mostly around summer and fall. It’s all a matter of preference. If you are a part of the last group, at some point you might have struggled, trying to figure out how to get your skin back to its original condition. Here are some simple tips to help you remove self-tanner from your skin:

3 Tips to Get Rid of Self-Tanner from Your SkinExfoliate Your Skin

Get yourself an exfoliating scrub. Some of them even have whitening ingredients that can help speed up the process. Apply it to your body and your face at least three times a week for about a month. That will help remove dead cells and bring new life to your skin. You don’t want to over exfoliate your skin either as it can dry out.

Take a Baking Soda Bath

Pour some baking soda in your bath water and rub it on your skin, gently. Baking soda has whitening powers. Allow it to sit for about 3 minutes on your skin and then rinse it off. Doing this every day will help whiten your skin.

Get a Tanner Removal Lotion

If you’re more interested in conventional methods, you can find lotion-based tanner removers. Those lotions are designed to slowly whiten your skin and cancel out the effects of self-tanner on your skin.


There are always ways to get your skin to look exactly the way you want it to. If you’re looking for professional sunless tanning solutions in Boulder, Veranda Sun has everything you need. Give us a call for more information or book your appointment today.