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Thumbs Up for Sensible Sunbathing!

These days, it seems like alarms go off when we talk about sunshine but was it always that way? Actually, no. Sunshine has always been important to the evolution of the human race. If we go back in history, we’ll come across studies that talk about our ancestors’ vitamin D levels being at 40-60ng/ml

In the 18th century, children in the inner cities were diagnosed with bone deformities which were attributed to the lack of sunlight in those areas. This stopped happening in the early 20th century when milk began to be fortified with vitamin D.

At some point after that, sunbathing children were encouraged by the US government, as it promoted normal growth. Eventually, vitamin D started to be included in other foods, like bread, hot dogs, soda, and more.

Thumbs Up for Sensible Sunbathing!So, What’s the Deal with Sunlight?

Sensible exposure to sunshine is beneficial for your health. Sunlight comes with UV rays, A and B. When these rays penetrate the skin, they cause it to thicken —which protects it from sunlight and promote melanin production, which darkens the skin. The latter is also a protective factor. Beta-endorphins are produced by sunlight, and it gives an overall feeling of well-being. However, the lack of sunlight gives you a completely different outcome: seasonal affective disorder.

Exposing yourself to sunlight, with measure, can help you combat a variety of diseases. Some studies have shown its ability to minimize the risk of dying from cancer — all things in good measure.

We can no longer spend hours under the sun, without a care in the world. Sun exposure is not harmful if it’s done with caution. We do need to protect our skin from the powerful rays of the sun that can potentially cause damage to our skin. As long as you don’t burn your skin, you should be ok. Just remember you can always opt for sunless tanning options.