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The pandemic has resulted in a complete change in the way we do things and that isn’t going to change any time soon. As soon as COVID-19 came to light, people began social distancing and started working from home. However, this isn’t the only thing that completely changed.

People stopped visiting their local salon, and most individuals starting moving towards home beauty treatment options. However, people still prefer getting their spray tan done at professional salons. This made it incredibly challenging for those who needed one or had to maintain the one they had.

As social distancing is an incredibly crucial aspect in today’s world, you can opt for your tanning sessions in the comfort of your home. This is where expert airbrush services come into play. You can stay home without sacrificing the spray tan you require.

Get the Perfect Tan At Home

Getting a sunless tan is an incredibly convenient and straightforward service that includes:

  • What Happens When You Spray Tan Over SunburnsCalling the experts and booking an appointment.
  • The technician will arrive at the property at your desired time.
  • They will be equipped with all the spray tanning products and a special tanning tent.
  • The tent can either be placed in your garage or any other space in your house. It comes with an opening through which the tanning is carried out.
  • You can get a fantastic and professional tan within minutes.

Skilled professionals use the highest-quality spray tanning products and the same equipment that’s used at salons. You can rest assured knowing that you will get the desired results every single time.

This is an excellent way to get a sunless tan amidst the lockdown. See to it that the company you hire maintains excellent hygiene practices, and all the equipment used is completely sanitized. This makes it an ideal and cost-effective tanning option in these troubled times.

Custom Airbrush Tans- Some Tips

Here are a few things you should follow after your custom airbrush tan session:

  • Avoid rubbing your skin or crossing your legs, as it can results in streaks on your tan.
  • If you are driving back home, see to it that the seatbelt strap doesn’t smear the tan on your chest.
  • Avoid activities that can cause excessive sweating.
  • Avoid direct contact with water.

At-home airbrushing services are a safe, convenient, cost-effective, and reliable way to get a tan. Contact a well-established and reputed company to provide you with detailed information on the types of services they offer.