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If you love indoor tanning, you know you need a good tanning lotion to get a great, natural-looking tan. But, how long is it safe to keep?

Tanning Lotion Shelf Life: How Long Is Too Long?

Sunless tanning can happen all year round, which means that in a year you can quickly accumulate a bunch of different tanning lotions. Some people will stick to one specific lotion; some others like to try different options now and then, mainly when there are great tanning deals you cannot overlook.
Tanning Lotion Shelf Life: How Long Is Too Long?So, what do you do with all those bottles of lotion? How long is it ok to store them?
It’s good to keep in mind that tanning lotions do expire. When the active ingredients in these lotion formulas expire, they might not become toxic, but they will become ineffective. On average, tanning lotions have a shelf life of up to 12 months. They can be used after this period, but they are likely not to provide the results they used to or the ones you are looking for.
Over time, the liquid component in tanning lotions is likely to evaporate. After their expiration date —or after a year— the DHA component will concentrate due to the lack of liquid and will render a different color than expected. That happens to most sunless tanning lotions, including self-tanners.

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