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Many people consider a spray tan after a bad sunburn to combat the redness but, is doing that worth it?

What Happens When You Spray Tan Over Sunburns?

Overexposing yourself to UV rays will cause your skin to burn. This is known as sunburn and if you’ve ever experienced it before, you know it’s not pretty. There is pain, redness, and the skin peels off. It gets messy and it’s only natural that people like the idea of covering it up. When you’re looking for a “solution,” spray tanning is possibly the first thing that comes to mind.

The number one thing you need to know is that if your skin is inflamed, tender to the touch, oozing, super red or looks raw in patches, you should not even consider spray tanning. Under these circumstances, it is a definite no.

What Happens When You Spray Tan Over SunburnsConcerns of Spray Tanning with a Sunburn

One of the most common questions when it comes to spray tanning over a sunburn is whether it will cause your skin to peel. Here’s the thing. Skin that has burned will inevitably peel. Covering it with a spray tan solution is not going to be the reason that happens but it’s also not going to keep it from happening, and it will certainly not protect your skin from further sun damage either.

If you apply a spray tan over your sunburned skin, the visual impact of it as it peels will be much higher, considering that the contrast between brown and pale skin will be far more noticeable. It can be a little too dramatic.

Spray tanning with a solution that is high in DHA (dihydroxyacetone) can cause your skin to dry out even more, which can accelerate the peeling process. Besides, with your skin being so stressed thanks to that sunburn, covering it up with a chemical solution is not the best idea. Your skin is likely going to be very sensitive at that point, so you’d be wasting a good spray tan that would otherwise have looked amazing and lasted much, much longer, on skin that is not ready for it.

Give your skin time to heal naturally. It peels because your body needs to get rid of the dead tissue before it can generate a new one. Once your skin is back to normal, get that spray tan you are so looking forward to. At Veranda Sun, our professional technicians will give you the tan of your dreams. Want to get the best tan in Boulder? Call Veranda Sun.