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Many people like the idea of getting a bronzed look before a big event like a wedding, etc. However, sitting under the sun for long hours isn’t practical. It can give you an uneven tan or even a sunburn. The better option is to get a spray tan at a reputable and well-established salon.

Many tanning salons offer bridal services and packages to choose from. This means you get the tan you want, while spending some leisurely moments with your friends as well. While you are doing this, you also want to ensure you get the right tan, and this involves some planning. Here are some spray tan tips that can be useful.

Do a Trial Run

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A professional spray tan session can help get that perfect look before your big event.

When you are planning to get a tan before a special event, you want to be sure that the tan is perfect in every way. You don’t want it to be botched or it to affect your skin after all. The best way to avoid the chances of that happening is to go for a trial run at the tanning salon at least two to three weeks before the event. This will help you determine whether the professionals are helpful and informative.

You can check the facilities and hygiene levels at the salon where you will be going for the spray tan. When you are getting ready for a big event, you should inform the salon experts about the event and its importance. A credible establishment will always do their best to accommodate your requests and make sure you have the best experience.

If you are planning to visit the place with your whole bridal party so you all can enjoy the spray tan session together, inform the salon about that aspect too. They will keep the time slots open to accommodate your group. 

Other Prep You Will Need To Do

Just as it is necessary to do a trial run a few weeks prior to the big event, also go in for your actual spray tan session a few days before the special day. That will help ensure that the tan sets well before the event. Make sure that your makeup artist knows in advance that you are getting a tan. It will help them plan and make sure that the makeup matches your new bronzed look for the event.

For any more information about our services, feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements with our experts. They will provide you with all the information you need as well as the spray tan tips.