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As April wraps up and we enter a new month, we share so much of the valuable lessons on Vitamin D

Help prevent cancer with vitamin dSpring is such and amazing time of the year, it comes to remind us the sun is here to warm our hearts and our life. If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), now is the time to smile and enjoy the beautiful outdoors, all thanks to the amazing power of our sun! In recent years people have been taught to fear the sun and it’s life-giving rays. This is why we take the time to reteach you, bringing you valuable information on our blog that can help you understand the importance of the suns rays that reach your skin and help you produce Vitamin D, serotonin and give you life. If you have ever suffered from SAD, you know that it’s not enough just to know that the sun is shinning somewhere in our planet, or that it’s daytime rather than nighttime. We actually need to be able to get out, and feel the sun shinning on our skin!

Here are some of our valuable findings on the importance of UVB and Vitamin D!

We share because we care. We know this is vitally important so we invite you to share as well, because we know you care too! Read some of our favorites on Vitamin D: How Do You Know if You Are Getting Enough Vitamin D? 15 Minutes in Direct Sunlight Get You 10,000 units of Vitamin D How to Optimize your Vitamin D Levels Producing Vitamin D Naturally is Truly Urgent to Your Health To Your Health: All The Best That Vitamin D Has To Offer! Vitamin D Supplied 100% At Your Bronzing Paradise In Boulder Can Vitamin D Be The Next Big Step Towards Cancer Prevention? Vitamin D And Cancer Treatment And Prevention

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