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The pandemic has changed the way we do things, and that’s how it’s going to be for some time to come. After the COVID-19 situation came to light, most people started to self-distance and began working from home. But that wasn’t the only thing that changed.

The regular grooming trips to the salon stopped, and many people moved to home beauty treatment options. But spray tanning is something that most prefer to get done at a professional salon, and those that wanted a tan or needed to maintain the one they had were finding it a challenge to do so.

Since social distancing is such a crucial aspect today, we at Veranda Sun thought that we should bring the salon to you. In this effort, we have recently started a mobile professional airbrush service. You can stay at home without having to give up on the spray tan you want.

How Mobile Airbrushing Works

This is a very straightforward and convenient service:

  • spray tanning

    Get professional tanning services from the privacy and comfort of your home.

    You call us and book an appointment.

  • Our technician will visit your home at the specified time.
  • They will arrive with all the required spray tanning equipment and a special tanning tent.
  • This tent can be placed in a garage or any other place in your home. It has an opening through which the spray tanning is done.
  • You get a fantastic, professional spray tan within minutes. 

We use high-quality spray tanning products, and the same equipment used at our salon, and you are assured of the best results every single time. This is a convenient way to get a tan while you are following social distancing norms. We maintain the best hygiene practices, and all the equipment is safe and sanitized well, making it a convenient and affordable spray tanning option in these times. It’s a unique solution for a unique situation.

Tips After The Session

There are certain things you need to follow after the session:

  • Don’t rub your skin or even cross your legs – it will form streaks on your tan.
  • When driving back home, make sure that the seat belt strap doesn’t smear your chest.
  • Avoid any activities that can cause excessive sweating.
  • Stay away from contact with water.

Our at-home, professional airbrushing service is a convenient, safe, reliable, and affordable way to get a tan. When you contact us, our team is here to provide you with all the details you need about the service and help you book an appointment.