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Lets keep working those abs! Yesterday we started talking about the importance of your Strong Abs for Much More Than Just The Looks!  And we looked and great stand up crunches for all levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. So today we’ll follow with floor crunches and you can try these also at any level beginner, intermediate and advanced. We’re wanting you to look great, of course, but most important, you need to be healthy, have a string core for a stronger back, better posture and avoid all kinds of injuries. wrong crunch posture

Correct crunch postureStart off right with floor crunches

Let’s start with the correct posture. Avoid bringing your elbows in, or pulling on your head or neck. Keep chin up, shoulders and elbows back and fingers barely touching the sides of your head. The crunch is for the abs, not to stress your neck! Basic crunch


Basic Crunch Keep the correct posture and start with 12 reps, if that’s too easy, work up to 25 reps.   crunch arms to chestThis easy variation of the basic crunch is with arms crossed over the chest. It’s a little more advanced, but it helps you remember not to pull on your neck.   alternate side crunch


Alternate Crunch Now alternate crunch from side to side in the posture of the basic crunch. Keep your lower back completely glued to the floor. Only lift the shoulders off the ground and alternate sides without resting back on the floor. Get 15 reps on each side before you lower your head back.



Reverse Crunch

reverse crunch Lift your head off the ground slightly by lifting your shoulders. And now with your upper back glued to the floor lift your legs and gluts up in the air with knees bent. Try bringing your knees as close as you can to your chest without rocking. Keep your head up the whole time and start with 10 reps. If you feel it’s too easy go for 15. Use slow controlled movements and start the movement with the strength of your core not by pushing yourself off with your feet.

low bicycle crunch

advanced bicycle crunch



Bicycle Crunch

In the Bicycle crunch you alternate legs, 15 reps on each side. So bring your elbow to your opposite knee by crossing and twisting. You can start with your legs low and lift them higher to a 45 degree angle if you feel you’re ready for a more advanced move. If 15 on each side is to much start with 10. Try not to rest in between reps, unless you have to.


The ultimate Floor Crunch

This move is totally advanced. If you’ve ever been to a Pilates class you fear this crunch but it’s great for the core. So don’t beat yourself too hard if you can’t get it on your first try. We call this the Pilates Crunch.

pilates crunch


Start by laying flat on your back with arms and legs slightly off the ground. And with arms and legs straight reach up and try touching your toes with your legs up in a 60 degree angle. Go as far up as you can and come back down without resting your arms and legs down.

If you are able to get 12 of these you’re advanced, no questions asked. If you’re a beginner, 1 or 2 is already a huge step. Work yourself up until you can get 15 reps. And then brag about it to everyone!!!

Do 3 or 4 rounds of each of these crunches. You can alternate exercises or do them one by one, you can choose what’s better for you.


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