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Dark spots or pigmentation on the skin is not uncommon for both men and women, but you may want to know what is really causing skin pigmentation before treating it to avoid making the same mistakes. You will be surprised to know that everyday habits are the number one cause of this skin problem. We list three factors, including how perfumed products may be causing hyperpigmentation.

1. Perfume

Most perfumes contain a high percentage of alcohol. To make perfume, one actually mixes alcohol with perfume oils and distilled water. For example, most full perfumes are made of about 20% perfume oils. Cologne has somewhere around 8% perfume oils. The rest of amount is alcohol with water or carrier oil. However, alcohol is an essential constituent of perfumes, with percentages ranging from 50–80%.

Some people apply perfume behind their ears. Over time, they usually end up with a distinctive brown discoloration in this area. Also, for those who spray their perfume onto their décolleté, this also results in multiple brown discolorations in this area, especially when in summer they are wearing a low neckline. Do not spray perfumes directly on your skin; only on clothing.

2. Sun exposure

One of the worst causes of skin pigmentation, sun exposure increases this further if you do not take adequate protection. Always apply a sunscreen lotion of at least 30 SPF before stepping out and reapply it every two hours. Even if it is cloudy, make sure you have it on as the rays can still penetrate your skin.

3. Bleaching skin

Bleaching the skin too often can lead to skin pigmentation. Since this process changes the color of hair, it needs strong chemicals to do so. This can, at times, have a reaction with your skin and lead to pigmentation.

So, now that you are aware of the damage this factor can have on your skin, avoid applying perfume to skin that is exposed to sunlight. Also, to help prevent hyperpigmentation, make sure that you are constantly applying sunscreen to your face and also décolleté. If you already have hyperpigmentation, you can easy treat your spots with Red Light Therapy. Contact us for more information!