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Who doesn’t love the beautiful bronze glow that our skin gets during the summer? We do, and we bet you do too. However, the sun can be more damaging than good when we overexpose ourselves to it trying to get that golden hue on our skin. That’s why at Veranda Sun in Boulder, Colorado, we’ve made it our goal to provide you with a top of the line tanning experience from the moment you walk through the door. Because personal care is our priority, we also offer additional services that will leave you feeling renewed.

Beyond Sunless Tanning

We’re more than just a tanning salon in Boulder. It is the goal of everyone on our staff to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We customize our services to provide you with the best personal care experience.

Veranda Sun Tanning Salon

Tanning Beds

We offer our clients eight different levels of sun beds, as well as a variety of sunless options. Our salon has more sun beds than any other salon in Boulder! In total, we have 19 beds to provide the best possible bronzing results.

Sunless Tanning in Boulder

Sunless Tanning

Our custom airbrush solution is hand-blended with an anti-aging formula that will leave your skin feeling completely hydrated.

Teeth Whitening in Boulder

Mouth and teeth before and after whitening

Teeth Whitening

The first thing most people notice about someone else is their smile. Veranda Sun can brighten your smile without the time and mess of traditional home teeth whitening products and without the expense of the dentist’s office.

Red Light Therapy Boulder

Red Light Therapy

Get rid of unwanted wrinkles and make your skin look more youthful with Red Light Therapy in Boulder. This type of therapy uses near-infrared red light–the strongest light wavelength–which enables it to penetrate deep into the skin. This deep penetration allows the light to really strengthen the skin’s collagen and elastin, which helps improve skin appearance, clear up skin problems, and even alleviate pain!

10 Minutes Away from Anywhere in Boulder

We want you to look and feel your best. You’re welcome to contact us with any questions. Our staff is always friendly and informed, and ready to provide you with the best customer experience from start to finish. Even better, come visit us. We’d love to have you!