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We have a tanning option for everyone at Veranda Sun!

The official start of summer is virtually on our doorstep now, and this means vacations, outdoors, pool-river-lake-beach time, shorts, sandals, swimsuits…you get the picture, right? And between a cold winter, a wet spring and work and/or college, we understand if you didn’t get much chance to work on a beautiful golden-brown base tan to welcome the hottest season and avoid blinding everyone with your white glow (pun intended!).

So…since time is at the essence and also because we understand that UV tanning in our top of the line sun beds might not be everyone’s choice of browning, at Veranda Sun Tanning Salon we offer sunless tanning alternatives which provide an impressive, natural-looking tan with a DHA-based solution. 

To make your appointment, you can reserve your spot online or call us at (303) 447-8844. But hurry, summer is coming and this is a very busy time for us!

Airbrush Tanning with Age-Defying Complex

Sunless tanning in BoulderProfessionally trained technicians apply our airbrush tanning solutions. And we give an unmatchable service by providing a top of the line air filtration system, offering disposable undergarments and providing sticky feet to ensure your feet stay clean.

Our custom airbrush tan solution has a unique VIP Blend infused with Matrixyl 3000 and Antioxidant Vitamins A, C & E; along with key ingredients like EcoCert Aloe Vera and 99.9% Kosher Plant Derived Glycerin, which will leave you looking and feeling your absolute best!

Mystic Tan

Mystic TanTM is a trademarked company that popularized the spray booth tanning concept. The way it works is very simple: remove your clothes, step into the booth, and at the push of a button you are sprayed with a fine mist of Aloe Vera enriched with your custom choice of Sunless-Tanning Solution and specially formulated Myxers. You will have voice guided instructions to follow the 4 different positions designed to reach every curve and angle of your body, ensuring a comfortable and successful sunless tanning experience.

Sunless tanning

For both of these spray tanning options, we recommend you shower, shave, and exfoliate your skin before coming into the appointment. Your skin should be clean and free from moisturizers, make-up, and deodorants. Lotions and make-up can block pores and prevent the tanning solution from reaching and interacting with the skin.

Check our Helpful Tips, FAQs and Products to Avoid pages for additional information.

Sunless tanning