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As easy as it may be to put on some lotion and oil before laying out in the backyard, tanning in the sun just isn’t for everyone. Whether it’s due to issues with light and skin sensitivity, lack of adequate space, or the risks associated with traditional tanning, sunless tanning is becoming an increasingly popular practice. 

From bondi spray tans to custom hand-held spray-ons to UV beds, Veranda Sun has been providing customers with access to top-notch sunless tanning products for years. Over that time, we’ve developed a keen awareness of the products that are best suited for achieving beautiful glowing skin without stepping outside!

spray tanning

A tanning technician applies a sunless tanning solution to a client, helping them maintain both skin appearance and safety.

Bondi Sands 

There are specific steps that you must take on your journey towards a flawless faux glow, and high-end spray products are definitely one of them. This professional spray solution comes from Australia and is infused with aloe vera and coconut to keep that skin healthy. After just two hours, you can wash off the product and start enjoying that tanned look!

Mystic Tan

The experts over at Mystic Tan are revolutionizing the way beauticians around the world deliver sunless tanning experiences. This heated, sunless treatment booth has built-in guidance features to ensure that every curve receives proper treatment. Just hop in the booth, follow the instructions, and in just three minutes, you’ll have a perfectly even tan!

Hand-Held Custom Spray Tanning

At Veranda Suns, we take airbrush tanning to the next level. Our professionally-trained technicians use the latest custom airbrush products and techniques to ensure that you get the exact look you desire!

If you’re in the market for next-generation, smart tanning products, Veranda Sun is the business for you! Our experienced technicians have extensive knowledge of the products and brands that can give you that perfect tan without any exposure to the sun. Reach out to us today to learn more about our monthly product and service specials.