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Consistent overexposure to the sun can result in some very bad health outcomes for individuals just looking to get a tan. The same UV rays that give us that natural glow is also responsible for burns and permanent skin damage. Especially for those with fair skin or health complications, balancing that fine line between too much and just right is difficult to maintain. That’s where sunless tanning comes into the picture. 

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A tanner experiences a burn after extended exposure to the sun, damage that can be reduced by sunless tanning.

At Veranda Sun, we use the latest spray-tan technology to provide results for those who don’t want to risk direct exposure to the light. Specifically, our Mystic HD sunless tanning booth is ideal for those looking to find a UV alternative tanning procedure. 

Mystic HD Sunless Tanning Treatment

Mystic HD, the company responsible for the customer-favorite spray tanning booth, is a cutting-edge sunless tanning method that provides a perfect tan in just 3 minutes. Here are some of the benefits of the Mystic HD:

  • Multi-position airbrush applicators that reach every angle and curve
  • A DHA-bronzer combination that is safe for skin and helps provide a deeper tan
  • A mixing system that provides three shade levels for a more customized tan
  • Provides voice-guided instructions, so the experience is easy and relaxing.

Our clients, and anyone else who has used Mystic HD, are always satisfied with the easy experience, safe application, and amazing results this sunless tanning booth provides. 

Learn More About Sunless Tanning

At Veranda Sun, we come across clients every day who are concerned about how the impact of sunshine and UV rays may damage their skin. Our experienced technicians use the leading industry methods to ensure that you receive the tan you’ve always wanted in a comfortable, safe setting. Contact us today to learn about our monthly specials and options for sunless tanning!