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Tanned golden skin is often considered a sign of health and vitality. It shows you have been out in the sun and like to have fun. There are many ways to get a beautiful, even tan on your skin.

Tanning be divided into two broad categories; sunless tanning and UV tanning. At VerandaSun Sunshine Studio, we always encourage people to consider sunless tanning because it is a safer alternative. Here’s an in-depth look at both options:

Pros and Cons of Sunless (Spray) Tanning

Sunless tanning is the process of getting a golden tan through artificial means. Here’s an in-depth look at the pros and cons of the sunless spray tan process:

  1. Healthy tan

    Learn great tips for a healthy, golden tan.


  • Quick and Convenient – Sunless tanning is fast and convenient. In less than an hour at the tanning studio, you can walk out with a golden hue on your skin.
  • Even Tan – It is easy to get an even, airbrushed look through a spray tan. We make sure your body is covered entirely, and there are no missed spots or patches. Spray tans are effective because they apply a fine mist all over the body, which gives you a more natural result.
  • Durable – A spray tans will last for an entire week if you maintain it well. Avoid extended sun exposure, use sun protection, and don’t use exfoliators on your skin.
  • Safe and Gentle on the Skin – We use DHA-based tanning solutions that are gentle on the skin and safe for use. The solution reacts with the natural amino acids present on your skin to develop a consistent color. 
  1. Disadvantages 
  • Costs Money – Spray tanning costs $25-$50 per session. Advanced tanning solutions like airbrushing start at $50 per session.
  • Must Be Done at a Tanning Studio – Spray tanning is only effective if it is done in a studio. It requires a professional application to ensure you get the most natural results.

As you can see, spray tanning has several benefits. We can explain them in detail during your appointment if necessary. 

Pros and Cons of UV Tanning

UV tanning is the tan you get from the sun’s rays. You can either use sunbeds or spend some time on the beach. Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of UV tanning: 

  1. Advantages 
  • Free of Cost – Natural sun tanning is free of cost. You can lounge if your backyard or by a pool for a few hours to get a tan.
  • Longevity – A natural tan lasts for 10 or more days, especially if you spend some time outdoors every day.
  • Can be Relaxing – Lounging by the pool or on a beach is a very relaxing activity. You can catch a pleasant break and enjoy the sun. 
  1. Disadvantages 
  • Difficult to Get an Even Tan – It is difficult to get an even tan through the natural process.
  • Can Be Uncomfortable – Spending an hour or more under the sun can be uncomfortable, especially if the weather is hot.

If you want to know more about spray tan, VerandaSun Sunshine Studio can help. Call us at 303 219 0904 or use this contact form.