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Sunlight is truly nature’s gift to us!

Learn many ways in which Vitamin D helps you stay healthy and how D deficiency can cause many health issues:

UV Light Helps You Get Your Vitamin D

Sun Exposure is the Most Effective Source of Vitamin D

4 Tips to Maintaining Healthy Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D May Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Vitamin D May Help Ease Raynaud’s Discomfort


Artificial Sunlight Available in Denver

When natural sunlight isn’t easily available, like in the cold winter months in Colorado, the artificial UV created by sun beds has the same effect as sunshine, there is a Positive Side of Indoor Tanning that you might not have heard. Our tanning professionals at Veranda Sun in Boulder know how to help you control the right amount you need. Also learn How Tanning Works and How Light Can Be Good During Cold Winter Months and Tips and Safety of Tanning in Boulder, CO.

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