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If sunbeds are your preferred tanning method and you’re trying to leave tan lines behind, what should you wear to your tanning session? This is a popular question and we’re here to answer it for you.

Sunbed Tanning Attire: In the Nude or In a Swimsuit?

Tanning perfection is a mixture of a great sun-kissed glow with no tan lines, but it is really a matter of preference. Unexposed areas will definitely turn into tan lines. So, your tanning attire will vary depending on what you want to achieve. If you check tanning forums, you’ll see most people prefer one attire in particular. Which one do you think is everyone’s favorite and why? When the time comes, what you decide to wear will make all the difference.

Tanning in underwearBronze Up In Your Underwear

If you’re not too concerned about getting a perfect, even all-around tan, wearing underwear is a good choice. This might be one of the most comfortable ways to get your bronze on. Strapless bras are great because you’ll still be covered up without having to deal with those chunky tan lines later. Underwear can also protect your most sensitive areas from the tanning bed.

Go for that Beach Look in a Swimsuit

Wearing a bathing suit is perfect for when you’re prepping for a vacation as it will help keep your tan lines consistent, and will help you feel more comfortable if tanning in the nude is still a no-no for you. Additionally, swimsuit fabrics are meant to dry quickly, which is very convenient if you’re prone to excessive sweating.

No tan lines

Get rid of tan lines by tanning in the nude.

Tan Au Naturel

Although this might feel like the wild child’s way to tan, it is the one that renders the best results. If a dreamy, even tan is what you’re after, tanning in the nude is the way to go. If you’re still a little hesitant about wearing nothing, you can use a small towel to cover your most sensitive parts. This might be the most “unnatural” way to tan, at first, but when you see the results, you’ll never want to go back.

The Best Sunbeds in Boulder

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